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ThreatLocker gives you granular control over what software is permitted to run on your endpoints and servers, regardless of whether it's malicious or safe. We block cyber attacks before traditional antivirus even knows they exist. 

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Application Whitelisting

Application Whitelisting

The ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting solution is a low management tool that stops unauthorized software from running in your environment, even if it is unknown malware or the result of a zero-day vulnerability. 



If a user clicks a malicious link or downloads an exploited file, ThreatLocker stops a cyber criminal in their tracks. Our solution reduces your surface area of attack and stops malware from weaponizing your applications against you.

Storage Control

Storage Control

Our advanced storage control solution gives you full visibility and control over your data. With ThreatLocker Storage Control, you can restrict users, applications and computers from accessing specific data and control how it is accessed. 

We like that ThreatLocker finally makes centralized zero trust (application whitelisting) possible across many customers and many endpoints. Their team is VERY responsive to any support requests and they are constantly improving the product. Those two factors weighed heavily into our decision to go with them.

ThreatLocker has allowed us to add a critical piece to our security stack that can prevent zero-day threats like nothing else. This is next-level stuff when it comes to bringing real protection to our clients. 

Neal Juern - President / CEO

Juern Technology

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